Editor is buggy

Hi guys,

I noticed that the editor is quite buggy, it doesn’t show all posts, then it shows them, when you navigate the pages it shows empty then they appear but if you keep navigating they disappear:

But it’s not an API issues, it’s just the UI that’s not iterating over the full array, infact:


Also, when you edit and go back the filter gets deactivated, sometimes the filter is up there but it shows all posts, and so on…

Sometimes when you are editing and click on publish it goes in an error that can’t be reverted and you have to save the data outside and re-create/re-edit.

Well, it’s easy to see that it’s buggy. Why WF staff didn’t fix it so far?

How is supposed a normal person to which you give access to this tool to be able to use it efficiently?

Please fix it!

P.S.: I’ve wrote an installable script that hackfixes the above issues. It’s forcing a refresh of the UI every 400ms in such a way that both sorting and pagination works correctly! If you want it I could post it here, just let me know.


Hey Fredo, yep these problems have existed for years.

I haven’t bothered to try fixing it, but I have a Chrome extension that fixes a few other editor related issues that were causing our clients issues.

I’ve been tempted to release it publicly. If you’re interested, let’s chat- adding in your fix as well could make this an essential tool.

I think that Webflow will get rid of the old Editor quite soon anyways since they did not develop any further on it and they are pushing new features for their new Edit mode.

So my guess is that Webflow will sadly not fix any issues of the old editor.

Sure, let’s ping me in private! Where do you prefer to chat?

Is there a new editor? When will it release?

Its already released. You can access it like this:

One big difference to the “old” editor is that you can edit content of additional locales, which you cannot do with the old one:

(Credits to https://twitter.com/vinchubang for the table overview)

OK that’s cool, but can the customer use this without having access to the designer? Because I don’t want one of my collaborator to get access to CSS stuff that could break badly.

Yes thats possible. You can change their role to “Editor”, so they can only edit you site → Workspace roles and permissions - Webflow University Documentation

There are two downsides to the editor though:

  1. You have to invite your client to your whole workspace. So they will see all the other projects in the workspace.
  2. Your customer needs an active subscription (Freelancer or better) in order to access your workspace.