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Editor Crashing - September 15th -Jquery Persistence Issue?

Hello Team,
I am trying to update some content using the Editor while one of my other team mates is using the Designer.

Content is updating very inconsistently, sometimes it saves immediately and sometimes it freezes. After a restart sometimes it will then let me reedit the content, but the edits did not save so they are not persisted. Very frustrating. If one publishes while the UI is frozen (…Saving), the content will be updated, but it is unclear what will be published.

After checking the dev console I see this error:

console.<computed> @ webflow-editor-bugsnag.min.2acf46de47.js:1
reportException @ webflow-editor.min.4711386ed9.js:1
(anonymous) @ webflow-editor.min.4711386ed9.js:1
triggerAction @ webflow-editor.min.4711386ed9.js:1
(anonymous) @ webflow-editor.min.4711386ed9.js:1
Promise.then (async)
(anonymous) @ webflow-editor.min.4711386ed9.js:1
(anonymous) @ webflow-editor.min.4711386ed9.js:1
value @ webflow-editor.min.4711386ed9.js:1
value @ webflow-editor.min.4711386ed9.js:1
(anonymous) @ webflow-editor.min.4711386ed9.js:1
(anonymous) @ webflow-editor.min.4711386ed9.js:1
t.safelyStopEditing @ webflow-editor.min.4711386ed9.js:1
(anonymous) @ webflow-editor.min.4711386ed9.js:1
(anonymous) @ webflow-editor.min.4711386ed9.js:1

    at d.window.WebflowEditor (
    at Object.<anonymous> (
    at e (
    at t ( undefined```

Any help would be appreciated. It is not functional to the point of utter frustration. Lots of wasted edits.

Welcome to the community @Joshua_W_Smith!

Sorry to hear your running into issues! I believe there’s some more work going on to address these types of situations, but in the meantime I would recommend holding off on editing within both the Editor and Designer at the same time. The problem here is that changes in one can cause the other instance to become “out of date” which can lead to changes being overridden fairly easily.

Recently I’ve seen notifications in the Editor when the current version in the Designer is different (which prompts you to refresh your Editor window) so this may be part of a larger update the team is working on behind the scenes.

Ideally there would be some sort of visual representation of what’s being changed live on screen (think Google Docs/Sheets/etc) but in the meantime there is an indicator at the bottom of the Designer window that shows who is currently using the Editor. For now, I’ve just gotten in the habit of waiting until my clients are finished making updates before making any changes on my end:


Thanks Mike,

I will pass this on to my collaborators.

FWIW, my team member pointed out that this behavior happens more often when using the live editing features, but when they click the CMS field buttons and edit that way, the auto-save functionality does not kick in and it doesn’t crash the editor.

Glad I could help clarify a bit and thanks for the extra info!

I’m just a fellow user like you, so I’d recommend using the in Designer feedback functionality (question mark icon > help & feedback > submit help request) to give the Webflow team heads up if you’re noticing regular issues like that. I’d also recommend confirming it’s not a conflict with a browser extension (so testing incognito with all extensions disabled) as it can help them narrow down the cause.

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