Contact form states bug

Hi Everyone, I’ve bumped into strange bug in my contact overlay. When I’m filling in the contact form fields the placeholder text doesn’t disappear as it should, also If I’m trying to resize the message area there is also a trace of it left on the screen…I have another site built with same template and there it works perfectly fine.

I dont understand where to look to…I’ve checked all states for input fields…

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Even on you screenshot you can see a trace of “project details” beneath your message…also try to resize the message area and see what happens :slight_smile:

You have the eyes of an eagle… had to go forensic to see the ghost text…

Ok so maybe then remove the duplicate of the form you have in the structure :slight_smile:

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Duh…my mistakes are always so weird…thanks a lot :smiley:

I beg to differ, this is a common one man, eveybody has been there, every one of us :slight_smile:

I wrote 2 posts about those hickups, and yours is of course in it :slight_smile:

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