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Help with Tablet CSS Selector

Hey Guys,

I’m having issues with something pretty simple here. I feel like I must be doing something wrong.

I’m trying to change the Tablet css properties of a div with 2 classes on it and I can’t for the life of me figure it out.

To help you understand.

In this screenshot:

I’m trying to change marketingbox-container’s tablet css properties. But everytime I try to get to it, from that menu in the screenshot, when I’m Tablet view, it takes me back to full width view.

Hopefully that’s clear enough. :\

I’m thinking i’ll need to the “nature” subclass after having created all the required Tablet view edits? But I’d like to know if someone knows more before I undo/redo everything.

Thanks in advance!


Here is my public share link:

OK. I’m dumb. I just removed the extra classes on each div, added the Table View properties, and re-added the sub-classes.

I guess that’s a workaround? Or as designed.

Either way, problem solved!

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I have noticed this annoying behavior as well. The way I deal with it is to simply drag in another div and give it the class you want to edit without the subclasses, make your changes on the different media queries and then delete it.

@PixelGeek am I missing something or is this the desired behavior?

Hi @David_Woocas thanks for the public link, could you also share the read-only to the design view?

I think everything is working as intended, but I am happy to take a look. If a style in the class selector was defined at Desktop view, then the view will be changed to the desktop view to allow for class modification.

After the style is modified, you can use the Go Back link to go back to the style you were working on in the tablet view.

I hope this helps.

But then how can you change a higher style that has not yet been modified on tablet or lower? This is pretty common and the fact that it keeps switching back to desktop is incredibly annoying.

Hi @DFink, if you want to modify the style that was created on Desktop but on a lower viewport, the style can be directly modified, or a subclass can be added.

Maybe I am not understand what is mean’t by "But then how can you change a higher style that has not yet been modified on tablet or lower? " Do you have an example I am happy to take a look.

Hey Dave,

What i meant is lets say you have a style and a subclass on an element on desktop. Once you go to mobile, you want to edit the original style and not the subclass. If you go into he menu and select the parent style, it takes you back to desktop, leaving no way to edit the higher style on mobile without first removing the subclass.

A real world example is lets say you have a button style, then you add a subclass to simply change the color. Then you go to mobile and you realize that you want the button itself to have different parameters but you want to leave the subclass for only a color change. There is currently no way to do this without dragging out a pure button style and editing it for each device and then deleting it. Seriously time consuming workaround.

Hi, @dfink, thanks for clarifying. I will check this out :wink:

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