Editing Tabs in the Editor

My clients are having trouble editing content (in the Editor) that appears in a Tab Element (I’m having the same issue). Basically when the Editor loads, it removes the Tab Element altogether and cannot be edited (or seen).

Is this a known issue?


Thank you so much for reaching out @Mat! This is a known issue at this time, the workaround for the time being will be to wait for the Editor to load, and then you should be able to set different tabs as active. Please let me know if that workaround is working for you for now. :bowing_man:‍♂️

Hi Waldo! Thanks for the response!

Where do I set the different tabs as active? Once the Editor loads, the whole tab system disappears, including the tab menu… Or do you mean setting Active in the Designer?


Ahh never mind, it was hiding underneath the Navbar - got it!


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