Editing gradient colours - Mac user

This was once discussed, at the topic below, but I’m now reporting it as a possible bug:

It is absolutely impossible to edit gradients using a Mac. Can the WF team check this out?

I HAD this too but not anymore. I just tried it on a new site, works as supposed. I’m on the latest OS X (Capitan) and latest safari.

What system / browser are you working on? Is it a new site, or an old one you’re editing?

I have this problem in Windows (on the latest Chrome) since august. This occurs on all my sites - new and old, on my computer and laptop. I hope the developers will fix it someday…

OS X Yosemite. I’m using Chrome and it’s a new site…

Well it aught to be fixed:

Maybe try it on Safari?

Try clearing your browser cache, that did the trick for me. The WF builder uses earlier downloaded files. They migth still contain the bug.

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Just cleaned up the cache… Didn’t solve… The issue is still there :frowning:

Can you please have a look at this?
It is impossible to work with gradients… Now I can’t even add another colour…

Does it happen for new classes? What would really help is a screencase (quickcast.io) of what’s going on for you.

Here it is… Hope you can find a solution. Thanks.

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