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Content getting getting manipulated on higher breakpoints when editing on mobile

Hey guys,

My understanding was that I would have freedom to edit my lower mobile breakpoints without it affecting the higher ones, like desktop.

Example) I want to make some structural changes to my hero section besides just making it vertical layout but when I make these changes, the desktop breakpoint is following the same edits im making on mobile.

Is there a way heavily alter the mobile breakpoints without it affecting desktop?

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Welcome to the forum @Cade_Biegel

Normally one applies a class to an element and starting at desktop the css will cascade down. When a style changes at a smaller breakpoint that change will effect that breakpoint and cascade down as well.

If you have a specific issue share it along with a read-only link so we can take a look.

The university has plenty of great tutorials if you are just getting started or need a quick refresh.

If ytou

I have the same challenge because changes in my mobile landscape view are affecting my desktop view. I am now having to create combo classes for every change I make on a lower breakpoint but this seems inefficient and probably like a wrong use of combo classes. I am super new to webflow and web design in general so would love any help i can get.

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