Edit symbol & add a Div as parent?

Trying to edit a symbol and add a div as a parent, is there a way to do this without disconnecting the symbol and having to readd it to every page again?


You can open the symbol, add a div inside, add all the content inside of the div, remove the class from the symbol div, put it on the newly created div, and put a new class on the symbol div.

Unfortunately this doesn’t work, or work with limitation, if your symbol element is a webflow special element such as a Navbar or some other special element.

That’s why you have to think ahead when creating a symbol, because once you start to have many any pages with this symbol, a structural change can turn into a lot of work.

Also if your symbol element is a Navbar, be careful when nesting Navbar inside of something else: the Navbar element has some special properties (such as counting as a possible offset for smooth scrolling to section) that will potentially break when the element isn’t right under the Body.