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Adding symbol to all my pages


Is there a way to add a symbol to all the pages of your website without having to insert it individually?

I’m updating our header menu and I don’t want to add a new symbol to my dozens and dozens of pages… If there was an easy way that would be great.

No, but the best part is that you’ll only need to do this once.

Well I had to delete all the symbols on my 87 pages and then add the new ones…

Not the best :tired_face:

Would be great to have global symbols… that would have saved me a lot of time.

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You could have just modified the original symbol - that’s what it’s for?

No because this had to be modified and accepted internally so visible on a hidden page, then pushed live on all pages. I couldn’t modify the existing symbol directly.

I think this is where webflow is lacking. it’s great if you work alone but if you work with a team and on a live site, it’s missing a sandbox or dev environnement. Where you could only publish a page and not the whole site for example.

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Or you could just make the changes on the symbol, but do not publish to the main domain. For testing, publish only to the testing domain

Or you could clone the project, make the changes to the symbol, publish and test on the testing domain, then once approved, cancel the hosting on the previous project and set up hosting on the new project.

Multiple ways, just have to be creative.

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