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Copying Content On Same Page

Hey All!

I’m trying to reuse a div block so I don’t have to keep redoing the same one over and over. I’m saving it as a symbol, inserting the symbol, unlinking them, but it’s still giving them the same class and I can’t make changes to either without them cross contaminating.

The basic idea is I want a few bars where I can show different images with that little see more button on top of it.

Any ideas?

Here is my site Read-Only:

If you make it a symbol it will copy content. If you just copy the div block that’s not a symbol it will keep the same class, that’s how css works. If you want individual styling, I’d do either separate classes completely or make a base class with basic styling and then add a combo class to each one to override certain styles.

Thanks Dfink, I’ll have to go watch a couple more videos about the classes and how to override certain styles unless you have any tips.

Much appreciated.