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By accident I set Height in Typo to 3REM. I want to remove this from “center” class. How to do it?

Response deleted by me as I’m not webflow support Sorry to step in to request to provide solution. My mistake, sorry ;(

Just create a blank div, set its class to center and then you’ll be able to adjust that style as needed.

Unfortunately there really isn’t a way to target these specifically if their used as a combo class, but if you end up using these regularly you can always include a copy on a password-protected page for easy editing without having to add a blank div. I’ll sometimes include these types of elements within a “dev” section of sorts alongside my other global styles for various elements.

Let me know if you run into any issues :+1:

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Are you sure that there is no easy way to find from where inherited style is coming from and fix font size to smaller (original) size? Im just curious.

You can always find out where a style is being inherited from by clicking on the amber label (as shown in @mkukulka’s initial screenshot).

The issue is that you can’t select any of the added combo classes to edit those specific styles—clicking the “selectors” link next to the class field only allows you to temporarily disable combo classes to style the root class (or prior combo class pairs)—so you’ll need to create a new element with only the combo class applied.

It would be super awesome to have a way to isolate class selectors to see the global styles applied to that specific class, but classes are handled a bit differently in Webflow so it would need a fair amount of retooling for that functionality to exist.

There are a few Wishlist items (linked below) that are touching on the subject so let’s hope there’s an update down the road to help with this need:


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I see that style is coming from center but it is (based on screenshot) on tablet viewport but change can be made for center on desktop from where is inherited and that can be easily checked by selectors. Or am I mistaken? Hard to say why is the problem not to be able find original where value was changed as there is no “read-only”. Anyway Im out. :wink:

CleanShot 2021-07-02 at 01.08.28

EDIT: I was finally able to replicate it. So center class was probably created as independent class (no combo) and than was add into combo paragraph center that’s why is inheriting from center as on original image. Replicate exact situation was hard solving was easy.

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