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Select specific Class to edit

If my element has multiple classes, and I want to edit the style on a prior class gives - why can’t I simply select that class and edit the styles?

My workflow now really sucks. I have to copy (or add a dummy element and give class name) and delete the later given classes to be able to edit the styles, and then add the just deleted classes again.

It would make more sense to, simple click a class and then get the styling options for that class. In case of the screenshot = click settings_btn and style that class (instead of first deleting red_btn just to add it again 5 sec later).

My biggest wish for Christmas guys :smiley:

NB: or am I doing something wrong?

There is an option box to the right of the classes text field that lets you select the class you wish to edit. It is not visible if you have focused on the classes text field. So remove your selector from the text field and that option box should re appear.

Hope this helps.



Love it! Thanks for saving me time and a headache :smile:

how do you delete a single class? I need to know this.