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Using the CMS collection for portfolio and unlinking certain pages tied to projects

Hello, I followed the 2021 design portfolio videos and they used a CMS for each of the portfolio projects. I was following that for my own portfolio but used the CMS for certain fields only like project name, timeline etc. If I need to include a specific type of content on only 1 of the projects, and it’s not possible to include it in the CMS, I can’t just add it in from the layers panel into that specific project, because it will affect all other projects. HELP please~

Also, how do you add in a project image? do you have to put the image jpg in the csv file first then import it in to the CMS? thank u

Ok so you want a Collection list where most of the item link to their CMS node pages, but sometimes you want one entry to look very different.

So do this:

  1. Add a link field to the collection.
  2. when you need a post to be different, just make a static page for it. And you’ll put the url of that page into the field created in 1.
  3. in collection lists, in an item, add another link. So you get 1 link that directs to the CMS item page, and the other link that is using the link of the field we added in 1.
  4. now on the link to CMS item pages, you put a conditional visibility reading “visible if link field created in 1. IS NOT set” and on the other link, another condition reading “Visible if link created in 1 IS SET”.
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