Edit classes atribs

I feel very confuse while selecting between classes in elements who have more than one class. How can i select a specific class to edit is when element have more than one?

Other thing i miss is to edit the css directly in a tag element without to specify a class to it.


That was it! Thank you again Vincent!

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Old post, sorry - but Is there a way to edit the (eg, hover) state of a higher class selector? It only seems to be an option with the combo class…?

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Yes, how can we access hover/etc states when choosing a “higher selector”? It is replaced by “Go Back” text…

Also, why can’t we edit classes from the Style Manager tab?

Webflow is a great app overall, but it has some really dumb things happening that stop it from being a seriously usable. They seem like easy fixes.

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I am having the same issues. I have ‘articles’ and want them each to have the same pressed and hover states while each has their own more specific selectors, but the states button is replaced by “go back”.