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Issue with class/state selection on elements with multiple classes

There’s a problem with selecting states (e.g. hover) of elements with multiple classes.

Do the following to see what I mean.

  1. Create a div
  2. Add a class name and change any css property
  3. Add a second class and change any css property

Opening the class selection pulldown now looks like this. Note I’m using class1 and class2 as an example here.

Now, if you want to change the state of div.class1 on hover, what would you do?

Of course! You select class1 from the list to select div.class1.

…and then you’d click on States to select a state…

…but watch what happens to the class selection.

The class2 selector is back.

So, the only working way I know is to remove class2, edit the state and then add class2 again but I think the editor should behave differently.

In case you’re wondering why anyone would need this: I often stumbled upon this doing navigations in webflow, where I have one or two elements which differ in style but the hover-behaviour is the same.


I stumbled upon that too and that’s true it doesn’t help to produce well optimized CSS. I delete the second class and put it back afterwards, or give the first class to a dummy and edit from there.

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Here it is also frequent, and editing in tablet / phone. (topic)