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Change / Access parent class' states?

I have a class called “case” that sets up a div and there are combo classes one to six that add different background images to the cases divs, eg

[case] {height, width, etc...}
[case] [one] {background 1}
[case] [two] {background 2}

I’d like to add a hover effect to the “case” class, but when I select it from the Selector drop-down menu, the “States” drop-down is replaced by a “Go Back” button. How can I access the states of the parent class?

Is this intended or an UI design shortcoming?
Thanks for your help

In some cases, it’s easier to create a dummy element to work with than to fight with the Selector field mixed with states or responsivity.

In your case, just create a dummy div, give it the class .case, edit your styles and states and delete the dummy object. You can also be more straight forward by just temporarily deleting the combo (‘one’, ‘two’…) editing and applying the combo again.

Vincent, thanks for the work-around. How can I suggest that the UI is changed so this is easier to do? The “Go Back” feature is hiding other controls…

As it’s not a bug, you can write a new Idea in the Whishlist