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Need to edit button states with combo classes

(More like a UI wall than a bug)

If you are editing the style of a button or link that has combo-classes attached, there is no way to edit any other state “hover/visited/etc” of the single-classed element. Well, not without going to where a single classed element exists and editing the alternate state there, instead (the only workaround).

It’s not a bug, per se, it’s more like a fringe case that isn’t allowed for, but I see it happening frequently if you create various different buttons or links that utilize the combo-class feature.

Here is a similar but different case:

The workaround by @vincent works here, too, but bolsters the case that this is a common UI issue that could stand to be updated when resources are available:


Thanks for reaching out, and I can see the behavior that you’ve mentioned.

I’ll keep this under the “Feedback” section so we can better track user feedback for the issue. We definitely want classes to be intuitively changeable, and we look forward to the feedback.


Thanks, @Andrew! …

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