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Ecommerce Works in Preview - Fails on Publish

Hello Everyone!

I’m having the biggest bit of trouble getting a merch section up on this website. In preview, the cart and all of the shop pages/functions seem to be working just fine. However, anytime I publish the add to cart stops working completely (just refreshes the page), as does the cart.

Does anyone know if I’m just missing something super simple?

You can see the live page at for now

Any help is hugely appreciated! :slight_smile:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey Katie! Can you correct your read-only link? It’s probably the right link, but it looks to have some formatting issues (possibly missing a colon.) It’ll help the community access your project!

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Hi @gokatie07, thanks for your post. The issue is that the order process requires that SSL be active on the site and currently that site url is not active with SSL, so the order process fails to connect to Stripe.

The solution is to make sure your domain dns settings are pointed at Webflow SSL servers, currently the domain is pointed at our NON-ssl servers.

See the cname record for the www domain, this should be pointed at

See the A Records:

The A Records you have now should be changed or removed to the following values:

Once the DNS has been updated on the domain at the domain registrar or service where you manage the domain settings, I would recommend to republish the site.

I hope this helps, if you get stuck, feel free to contact our customer success team: