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More than just buy button in webflow?

I’m looking to redesign a potential customer’s site that was built in Magento and bring it into Webflow, but it has functionality like comparing products to other products, wishlisting products, zooming in to see the product shots closer, etc.

It looks like Shopify has these kinds of options, but they’re only available when you have a website hosted on their platform (the only embeddable feature they offer is just the buy button). Is there a way to do these kinds of e-commerce product pages with webflow beyond just a buy now button? Thanks!


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You can use for those kind of options. It integrates great with Webflow.


Thanks! Cool, yeah, I’ve seen Foxy being thrown around here and there. Their interface looks clunky, so it had me think that the user experience would be clunky, too, but you’d say you’re really happy with them?

@PixelPanda Thanks for recommending us!

@adiggy I just responded to your email, but wanted to reply to your forum post as well. You’re right in that our admin is a bit older looking. The good news is that we’ve got a new admin in the works. Also, since Foxy stores can be managed in Webflow, your client won’t have to access the admin unless they just want to.

To answer your question, what you’re after is definitely possible with Webflow, using Foxy, but I want to clarify what Foxy actually does. We solely focus on the cart functionality (including taxes, discounts, coupons, shipping rates, etc.). Foxy doesn’t actually have a product manager or builder. Products are built with a html form or link, simply passing in product information (ex: name, price, color, size, etc.) to the cart. So your website, products, and product pages (including image zoom, related products, etc.) are built and managed by you using your preferred tools and technologies (ex: Webflow Designer and CMS)

So it really comes down to what you build in Webflow. Here is an example of much of what you’re after built with Webflow and Foxy:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have further questions or need help getting started.


Hey Josh! Thanks for answering me on multiple fronts. :slight_smile: I’ll go this route instead of the private email route so other people can benefit from the answers, too.

Okay, cool, the major thing is that my client wants full control of the CMS to be able to edit and add new items and I don’t want them to have to log into multiple platforms to make that happen.

It would seem that features like the zoom-in functionality (I’m currently looking at Magic Zoom) could still be dynamic in webflow’s CMS, but my client would just have to put in the variables of the image name they upload into the CMS to make those kinds of things work on the product page level?

Another feature I’ll need is “compare to other products” … Does Foxy offer that?

So just to wrap my head around workflow for myself and my client, let’s say the product page has features like “compare to other products” and this zoom-in functionality; now my client wants to go in to add a new product. They would log into Webflow to add a new item to the CMS, upload the pictures etc. and then log into Foxy to create a new item in the shopping cart, add a pricepoint and then use some of those database pieces to link up with database fields that I set up for them in Webflow’s CMS?

No problem at all. The great news is that your client can manage all of their products right in Webflow’s CMS without having to login to Foxy. If you have a minute, please clone and tinker with our ecommerce template: You’ll get a good idea of what your client’s experience will be like.

For the image zoom, having to do multiple images (compared to one larger image) would be dependent on your plugin and requirements. The sky’s the limit since you have full control of the experience.

The product comparison portion will be a bit trickier. Using local storage, it’s definitely possible to build something like this out in Webflow, but it will require some custom code. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a drop in widget.

Hopefully Foxy will still be a good fit. Please let me know if you have further questions.


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