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Ecommerce variant dropdown changes all product images on page

On a product template page, there is the product with images, details, and add-to-cart components. Below is a collection list with products in the same category as the current product excluding the current product.

When selecting a variant option in the add-to-card component, the product image changes to reflect the selection.

The bug is that this is also changing the main image in the other products (related products) on the same page. So for instance, selecting the blue color variant of the product is changing all product images on the page to the same current product’s blue shirt image.

Here’s a video to show it in action.

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Hi, @matthewpmunger!

Thanks so much for posting about this! This is a known bug and the team is working hard on a fix for it. I’ll make sure and update you here as soon as we know more or roll out a fix! :smiley:

Hope all is well! Thunder Up!


Thanks @rileyrichter for the update. Thunder up! Let’s hope they can get their grove back and end this L2.

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De nada! Glad I can help!

I know, last game was so rough to watch. I have faith in them. Ready to watch them get rolling to close the season and make some serious noise in the playoffs!


Any luck on this, I have a similar issue happening right now, and a client isn’t very happy.
Notice that the variant selector doesn’t change all of them just the first one in the related section.

Hey @AMurray

Good news! A fix for this issue was pushed out today. Please publish the site again and then it should be fixed.


Wow, less than 24 hours, you guys are champions! Tested and working fine now. Thanks!


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