Ecommerce sort by price still not available?

Sort by price doesn’t exist?

This is ANOTHER reason why I continue to not rely on webflow for ecommerce.
Everytime I build a site on webflow for ecommerce purposes I’m left with many issues like this needing workarounds.

This never happens with Shopify. Now granted - making custom designs in shopify is a headache… but the core of the platform - to sell stuff - is way easier.

We pay a premium for hosting and processing fees on webflow - and I’ll pay that to have the webflow designer.

But with the latest (Terrible) UX changes to the designer + now learning this basic feature is not available to sort by price - I cannot continue to use Webflow for any ecommerce builds.

Anyway, there’s a wishlist item for this apparently. Can’t believe we have to beg and request that feature, but here it is anyway.

In the meantime you might be interested in Finsweet’s CMS Sort attributes that would work for this use case: Sort items in a Webflow CMS dynamic Collection List