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Ecommerce Feedback and Suggestions

Hi there,

I’ve been playing with the ecommerce feature these last couple of days preparing to launch an online shop and I love it so far.

However, I’d like to suggest some things (that perhaps are planned or thought about) that I noticed they could improve somewhat the UX of the customers.

  • Better quantity pickers. Right now the arrows are very small, specially on desktop, and adding a manual quantity with the keyboard on mobile is not the best option. Maybe something in the line of:

  • Possibility to edit the order on the checkout page.

  • Also on the checkout page, move the ‘Full Name’ field to ‘Contact Information’ from ‘Shipment Address’.

  • For mobile, auto open the optimal keyboard for every input field, for example, the number pad when tapping the credit card info.

  • Auto formatting for input fields, for example, when entering the expiration date of the credit card, the ‘/’ separating the month and the year is already added.

  • When sizes for products are available, better something like radio buttons to reduce the taps needed to choose a size.

  • Optional decimals on the prices, to reduce stuff on screen and also because too many numbers can be negative to customers.

That’s it by now, I hope they are useful!

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To anyone who is interested: I’ve been waiting for Webflow to iron out the kinks before I really experiment with e-commerce features, but I know I’d probably agree with all of Lewis’ feedback in this post