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eCommerce confusion

Am I wrong, or does the cost of eCommerce make little to no sense? $29 a month to lose 5% of your money and no branding. More than double that to add branding and still lose 3% of your sales.

I finally have a potential client, and I am going to lose them because of these two factors.

I am thoroughly confused about how webflows eCommerce is viable.

Someone please tell me how I am wrong. I really want to be wrong

As per the documentation, yes you are correct. You can of course make profit on the client billing, depending on the budjet of your client. I mean shopify plans are quite similar…

Shopify Basic costs $29 monthly (and 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction). The Shopify plan is $79 monthly (and 2.6% + 30¢ per transaction). Advanced Shopify is $299 monthly (and 2.4% + 30¢ per transaction).

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@Richard_H what you are saying is not cirrect. Same price as Shopify and same rules. I can agree that i think Webflow is a bit expensive comparing to Shopify other plans, But this rate is the same as Shopify ans the same rules regarding branding

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I mean it isn’t the same as shopify. Shopify processes payments for you. Webflow requires you use Stripe. So that means 2% + 2.9%.

Not to mention the fact that it costs like an additional $42 just to remove the webflow tag from emails. Yeah you lose the 2% from webflow, but you still have to pay 2.9% to stripe. So in order to compete with a shopify store you have to pay an additional $42 a month.

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Can you explain 2+2,9 I’m not with you.
Removing branding from Shopify is the same price I think Shopify charges you 79 per month

One should not forget the additional + 30¢ Stripe fee per processing :slight_smile:

Well webflow takes 2% and then stripe takes 2.9% plus like $.30 per transaction. That like 5.2%

You pay the $70 something for webflows middle teir and you lose the 2% but the stripe still remains.

Even if you diregard the branding issues, that is paying $70 a month for webflow in order to have rates still slightly higher than shopify at $29. Albeit they are from stripe.

I just don’t see what webflow is offering that makes the 2% make any sense. They don’t process payments. They offer a cart, and a checkout. What is the $29 a month for if not for those two things?

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ok i got your point and can agree on that. We are getting charged for something that you don’t with Shopify. Since i’m based in Europe i do not pay 2,9 to Stripe i pay 1,4 %. So it less for me.

I did compare some transaction done with Shopify and Webflow and i do loose some money using Webflow.

I do love Webflow and start to move some eCommers sites to Webflow because the design possibilitys. But Webflow have to step up the product to compare the over all functionality. Shopify offer some cool things missing in Webflow, but i do beleive in Webflow and think this is the path for the future

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I am also europe based ! Berlin to be precise, I thought shopify fees were up to 3.5 for non US businesses, do you mind me asking where I can have a look how shopify fees my transactions ?

If you go in to the stripe dashboard, yo can click transactions, can be tricky to find it

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Thanks !!
On another note, do you know how much shopify fees us when making profit in regards to webflow client billings?

Not sure i understand your question?

Shopify has no mandatory branding on the frontend or on Emails. The only location you might see any Shopify references is in the Checkout process.

I’ve never had a client bat an eye at Shopify, which is all in $29/month, 2.9% + 30¢ transactions.

The WebFlow is undoubtedly a bit more expensive, but the question I always ask clients is “are you a building a store primarily for online shopping, or are you building a site that needs a secondary feature of an option to purchase?”

Shopify offers between 10-20% partner share on monthly billing for their plans, depending on your Partnership status and the plan that you’ve sold. There are some one time bounty fees as well ($2000 US for selling Shopify Plus for example).

Yes you are correct, a bit lower price and yes you get a commission. I would love to se the same solutions from Webflow. But i must deliver what my client want. And they want a nice design with a lot of flexibility. Shopify can’t offer that but they offer a lot of nice features.


And yes I can set my own prices in Webflow. But a customer will do their own research and quickly find out if I decide to up the price. That’s why commission might be important

I think that Webflow is the future