Webflow Ecommerce Pricing

I have a few clients who are wanting an Ecommerce website designed and built which is something I’m really looking forward to, these are the projects I’ve spent months learning webflow for. The problem however is that when I tell them the pricing for hosting an Ecommerce site on webflow, none of them are even remotely interested, especially when they already know the prices of a Wix or Squarespace Ecommerce site.

Webflow: $42 per month - 500 item limit - 2% transaction fee - 3 staff accounts - $50k limit annual sales.
Squarespace: $24 per month - unlimited items - 0% transaction fee - unlimited staff accounts - unlimited sales.

  • Squarespace also offers giftcards, customer accounts, products on instagram, $100 google adwords credit, promotional banners etc. all included in this price… There’s a clear winner!

So my question is this, has anyone else found this to be a problem and how did you work around it? I can’t even bring myself to try and persuade them to host with webflow. As soon as they hit the $50k annual sales mark they’re going to have to upgrade to the $84 per month account ($1008 a year!) - this just seems ridiculous to me. Is there anything I can tell them other than it will be a custom bespoke account? Because I can’t see any other benefits. Thanks!

webflow makes more sense for very bespoke shops as well as those focusing on speed. There’s no reason why a basic shop with everything squarespace offers shouldn’t be on squarespace.

Thanks for your response. It’s a shame really, it decreases the number of potential clients massively. I understand why webflow is more expensive than Squarespace, but why all the limitations with webflow? Why would a company that makes $50k a year join webflow? $50k a year could mean $20k in profit, a very small business. It rules out most businesses out there which is disappointing.

E-commerce is still a relatively new avenue for Webflow so I’d give it some time to mature a bit. I’d imagine with any platform there is a sweet spot where your user base can support being more competitive with your pricing model, however it’s important to remember that there most certainly is a cost associated with selling online. If an extra $15/mo is impossible for a company to justify then they probably need to rethink their business model and carve out some more profit margin.

Hi @mikeyevin

Thanks for the response. I’ve had multiple responses on other platforms basically saying the same thing, that webflow isn’t a good option for ecommerce, which is absolutely fine, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

It’s not a case of an extra $15 per month isn’t possible. If they have good business sense they will opt for the cheaper alternative that gives them more in return for their money. Also, when you take into account the 2% transaction fee it is more than just an extra $15.

sorry, but I don’t agree, webflow isn’t the right thing also for bespoke shops cause the functionallity of webflow’s ecommerce is far away from being great. Design is easy the one thing for which webflow gets a straight one but design isn’t everything especially when it comes to ecommerce and here it get’s the worst grade ever. I know what I’m talking about, never ever webflow for ecommerce, far too much work around necessary and not worth the money.

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hi, don’t go with webflow for ecommerce it’s not worth the money! and time and frustration doing so.