Webflow <> Ecommerce Features

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I’m setting up a marketplace using Webflow.

The solutions and features on Webflow ecommerce for the time being are limited, and don’t cover what I need for the business.

The shop is international and I need to be able to choose which products are available in which country, and set different price for the same product based on costumer’s country.
And when orders are received, I need to relay the order information and instructions to the relevant supplier or warehouse that cover that country or region.

I looked into integrating Shopify Buy Button, and similar solutions, but it seems it comes with its own feature as well as marketing limitations. For example, if I were to use this option I would not be able to show customers the relevant prices for them based on their IP. Something I would be able to do if the site was natively on Shopify.

I looked at many ecommerce solutions and carts (snipcart, foxycart and others), but couldn’t find a solution.

As I am not finding an ecommerce solution I can integrate with Webflow that supports our business needs, I am considering converting the site I’m building to a Shopify template using Udesly.
This comes with its own issues and limitations, as I understand it I would not be able to use Webflow for CMS, or connect key integration such as Memberstack.

Can anyone think of solutions or workarounds that would allow us to keep the full power of design and connectivity that Webflow offers while bringing a full range of ecommerce features that service like Shopify offer?


Separate the design requirements from e-commerce requirements for more options. The technology choice should be made based on the functional requirements of your business, not a design. You can theme just about anything so you could choose to create a nice design in Webflow, then theme your e-commerce solution accordingly. If you want to stay in Webflow, then you have to accept its limitations.

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Very true. I thought it was worth to put the question out there.
I will update if I find new solutions. Thanks

Hi @dots.
Josh from Foxy here. Not for sure if we’ve chatted about your project before, but I’d love to know your specific needs so we can see if Foxy can help with the ecommerce side of things. Feel free to email us: hello@foxy.io