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[Ecommerce] Buyer not being charged for Sales Tax


I’m just setting up my first Webflow E-commerce site. Everything is working fine as far as the actual products being purchased, but I must be missing something with sales tax.

The email receipt shows the tax there, but it’s not being factored into the price that the buyer is being charged. Seems weird. It was my understanding that sales tax would be calculated automatically based on the region or state in which the purchase was being made, but is that not the case?



Is anyone experiencing this??? State tax is being calculated, but not factored into the TOTAL price.

Hey @Spencer_Irwin

That is strange.

  • Is this the Checkout Page or Order Confirmation?
  • Do the receipt and credit card statement show $10 or $10.60?

Are you able to share a read-only link for this project?

Hey @matthewpmunger,

I appreciate the reply. HERE is my read only link.

Neither the receipt or credit card statement reflect the tax despite it being listed.

Here’s another receipt from a “test” transaction that was made with the same issue:


That is strange. Tagging @webflow

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Hi @Spencer_Irwin,

Thanks for posting about the tax issue. The team is currently investigating and as soon as we have more details we’ll update this post.

Thanks in advance for your patience!

@Spencer_Irwin – Do you have ‘Include taxes in product prices’ ON in Settings > Ecommerce > Taxes?

If so, then what you are seeing is expected – taxes will be assumed to be included in the product prices that you have set and displayed in your store. The tax amounts will then still be calculated and displayed to the end-customers, but will not be added to the subtotal (because they are set to have been already included in the subtotal amount).

If you actually want taxes to be added to the subtotal, you would turn that setting OFF.

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