Ecommerce site not collecting sales tax

I submitted a ticket two days ago but haven’t heard anything from Webflow (other than the canned “we’re so busy lol!” response)

My ecommerce site shows sales tax being applied during checkout, but the tax isn’t actually charged to my customers or collected by Stripe.

The option “I’ve included all taxes in my prices” is toggled OFF.
Default tax category is set to DEFAULT
Auto taxation for US, etc. is toggled ON

This is, and has been, costing me money. Pretty disappointed with Webflow’s handling of this issue thus far.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Ditto - what’s the deal Webflow?

It took a while but I eventually received more information.

Webflow routes all of its tax collection through TaxJar.

TaxJar only collects taxes from locations where you have a selling nexus. For me, only sales delivered to customers in my states were being collected.

I gave up trying to get TaxJar to collect taxes in other states, since they are only collected once you reach a threshold of sales per state of something like $500 or $1000. Of course, as soon as you hit that threshold you are due to pay taxes on sales where TaxJar never collected anything.

All of this is “as far as I know”.

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I am having the same issue with a client’s site. They are extremely worried about having to pay taxes down the line that were never collected at checkout, so what did you do to resolve this issue for yourself? Did you just raise your prices to cover the state taxes? My client doesn’t really want to go that route because it is collecting taxes in our state, and thus, local customers will end up being charged more. Would love to know more about what you did!