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Help with Designing a Froms page

I need help creating a legal document people sign online. I need help creating it. I want it to look like this

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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You may want to post this in the freelance category if you’d like to hire someone to help you. I can move it for you if you’d like.

i dont want to hire some one i want to learn how to do it on your platform i can easily do it on wix or wordpress

I say “yes, it can be done.” But…

If you’re not collecting information and just want a fill-and-print all you will need is a lot of divs. It’s not really the making of the form, it’s the signing, printing, and legality of it. In the U.S. these type of forms aren’t typically legal. Only after the “fluid” form is locked via .pdf and then digitally signed does it become legal. Although, you could create the form, print, then physically sign with an ink pen to make it legal. Of course, after you print and close, all information will be lost unless you use the cms.

Another way to do what you want is with google forms. Let me know it you need info on that.

I suggest watching all of the videos over at under forms to learn. But as the person above me said, legality is an issue.