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Webflow web design contract and hosting agreement

Hi Webflow Community,

I know this is a bit of a stretch, but I was wondering if anybody has a sample website design contract where you request clients to agree to use your design and development services, and Webflow hosting. If you would be willing to share that would be amazing!

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Hey @Mikeyjay11,

There are a few good sources out there, I personally use bonsai, it has e-signing and integrated payment methods.

definitely worth giving a look!


Hey thanks for the suggestion. I currently use the old version of PandaDocs, formerly Quoteroller, but I think I worded my request wrong.

I guess what I’m having trouble with is how I put into terms that when my client agrees to my design and development contract that they also elect to use my hosting (which would be Webflow). lol I know this might not be a good idea to put a client in a corner and force them to use my hosting but I have other contracts for clients that would want to use their own hosting. I’m just looking specifically for some help with writing a contract that ties everything together into Webflow.

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@SidneyOttelohe - do they have any cool way to export your earnings for tax purposes?

@seank Yeah, you can export or print your invoices.

Do you prefer this system over QuickBooks

@seank I haven’t worked with quickbooks before so I wouldn’t know, I’m looking at their website it does seem like they have a few more features though

Bonsai is awesome, especially the latest beta features for project management, activity etc. As for the hosting, just include it as part of the Scope when creating the contract or as an attached Statement of Work Agreement. I don’t have any issues when getting my clients to host with me, most prefer it and don’t want the hassle of hosting, domains, etc.

Nice tip! I was looking for the same info.
I’ll definitely give Bonsai a try!

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