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E-Signature in form

I’m looking to have an “e-signature” spot at the end of a webflow form where the user can use their mouse to draw their signature and I just want that to be passed through as an image in the form submission email.

Does anyone know of any free services or custom code solutions that could accomplish this? Thanks!

Do you have any examples of this happening on other websites?

The site I’m working on redesigning in webflow is currently on WordPress and achieving this using the Contact Form 7 with the Signature Addon plugin (example seen here: Euthanasia Consent Form - Mendon Village Animal Hospital)

Traditionally the way to achieve this would be to integrate a javascript solution, similar to the one below, into your project however I think it may take some experimentation, possibly with several 3rd party javascript solutions, to to see if this would work in Webflow.

HTML5 JavaScript canvas based smooth signature drawing – Online / web signature capture / hand draw signature input | Everything about Web - Jason Lian (

If coding is not your thing you could take a look at the free plan on JotForm. Your form can use a signature field. JotForm · Pricing

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