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Hello! I want to create 2 pages with products for the e-commerce; some will be, for example, “books,” and the other “courses.” From what I’ve seen, does it only generate one product page? Thank you.

E-commerce sites generate 2 e-commerce collection pages: 1 for Products, and 1 for Categories. It sounds like in your case you would just set up two Categories: Books and Courses, and then you can style the Categories collection page which will end up generating a page for Books and a page for Courses on your website using the template you styled. Does that make sense?

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Thank you for the response @CaitlinRSE, but if I create a “photo catalog,” with “photos” as the category, and link to the photo detail page, it displays the list with all the photos instead of just one… What am I doing wrong? Thanks again.

I’d need to see your read only link to look at how you’ve set it up and see the photo detail page you’re referring to.

Sure, here you go > read-only link @CaitlinRSE Thanks!

Alright, I was making it quite complicated, but I managed to solve it :slight_smile: I’m going to work on the content pages :wink: Thanks!

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