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Category Page Question (Ecommerce Newbie)

I just barely started building my first Ecommerce site using Webflow and I’m beyond confused, so I apologize if I’m asking stupid questions. I’ll do my best to break this down as simply as I can. I need to build a store with 3 product categories with approximately 3 products in each category. I’ve already created my products and my categories so that part is taken care of.

On the homepage I’m planning to have 3 product category buttons. Once the user clicks on one of those buttons I want it to go the corresponding category page. Once the user is on a category page I just want a simple grid that displays my products within that category. So… my question is, how should I be setting up the category page? Can I just create a simple grid element that displays my products in grid cells from which the user can click and have it go to the corresponding product page, or do I have to create some type of a CMS collection list? I have no experience with CMS or collection lists so it’s very confusing to me right now. I’ve watched a lot of videos and it’s just making it more confusing.

Thanks in advance.