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E-commerce page showing the same product

Hi (=

I am got a strange issues that i have no clue how to fix…

My uploaded e-commerce products keeps showing the same product when previewed, how can i get it to show that actual product from the product archive and not the same over and over again… :exploding_head:

Here is my site Read-Only: **Webflow -

Hi @Christian_Stjernqvis, thanks for the post.

The reason this is happening is because on the Product Template page, you are using a collection list to show the items from the products collection:

When using a collection list on a detail template page, the collection list pulls up the same info for each item.

Rather than using a collection list, just put your elements on the page without the collection list on the page like so:

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Then you would bind each element to it’s respective field.

On collection template pages, for the detail information that should be shown for each item, there is no need to use a collection list.

A collection list placed on a collection template page is most often used to show related products, but for the detail product you are looking at, no need for a collection list, just add your elements to the page, then bind those elements from the settings panel to fields in the collection.

When the item is changed, then the values for those bound fields will change, but not if they are bound within a collection list.

I hope this helps

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Amazing! it works! :smiley: Thank you so much!

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