Add to Cart adding wrong product

Hoping someone can offer advice on how to fix the Add to Cart on all of my products. I believe you can only view this on the live site. 77WOUNDS Store

When you add the selected item to cart, it shows the image of ‘badges’ on all products in the popup window! I’m unsure how to manually access the popup to change it.

Read Only Link: Webflow - 77WOUNDS

Eternally grateful for any help, my site is live and it wasn’t until it went live I could see the issue.
Thank you!

Hi @Kazz ,

The Add to Cart seems to add the same product for every single product card on the Store page. Upon further digging in your read-only link this is because of the way you have the collection lists set up.

The way collection lists are supposed to work is that you add one to the page, you design the collection item once, and then it uses that item as a template and creates the remaining product cards by pulling them from the CMS.

Currently you have a Collection List set up for each product and you have the product information hard coded, where you really need only one Collection List and you want each of the elements that should be dynamic to pull the content from the Products collection.

I’d take a look at this Webflow University course to see Collection lists in action.

Basically you need to remove all the collection lists so there is only one on the page. Then tie each of the fields that should be dynamic to the Products CMS (e.g. the product name, the price, image, etc.) If you wire it up correctly you should only need to build the item once and all of the other product cards will be created to match the first.

You’ll also want to remove the Limit you have set on the Collection list to show only 1 product, you want all products to be shown.

Oh, I see…thank you so much for your help. I’ll remove and start over.

Hi Caitlin, can I bother you with one more issue?
My Add to Cart isn’t showing ‘proceed to checkout’
Is this a simple fix?


Thanks for your help.

Do you have all of the ecommerce settings set up? If you’re using PayPal you’ll need to add a PayPal button to the cart in the designer.

I do! It works during preview mode, but when I do the same on the live site it doesn’t show up.
Thanks Caitlin, it seems Paypal have made it incredibly hard for none coders to put the PayPal button on your own website. Following the Integration Builder on the PayPal Developer page… it’s over my head. I’m going to have to hire a developer. Thanks for your help.

There’s a PayPal button element you can add in the Add elements tab that doesn’t require any coding -