Shop images act as one

Hi everyone!
I am making a quick mockup of a website for a project I am working on in school. I am using webflow’s free template for shops.
It seems like all image boxes in my product page act as if they are duplicates of themselves - and I’m trying to post different images for different products.

Image 1, how it looks like with nothing uploaded

Image 2, how it looks like when I upload one image to box 1

Image 3, how I want it to look (example from the h&m website, the point is the pictures should be different)

Here is my site Read-Only

I’m sure this is ridiculously easy but I am a complete beginner :sweat_smile:

Typically, you will want to use an image and bind it to the main product image field, that is within the link field. Not a background image of the link field. See Image field | Webflow University

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