E-Commerce Order Summary Not Populating

Hey everyone,

I found a weird bug with an e-commerce site I’m working on that I can hopefully find a solution to. My client did a test order yesterday and they let me know that the order went through successfully but, for some reason, all the prices in the order summary are hidden (see screenshots below).

So there’s one screenshot with the prices hidden and one where they are visible. When I completed a test order, they weren’t there. I inspected the code on the page and it shows the div blocks that contain the prices have a width of 0, but no matter what CSS I added, I couldn’t get them to appear. After refreshing the page a few times, the order summary prices appeared. When I keep refreshing, they are visible about 20% of the time.

Because of this, it leads me to believe the problem has nothing to do with the front-end code, but it’s something on the back-end that isn’t correctly pulling the data—or having trouble loading it. Anyone have any thoughts?

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I’m having exactly the same issue. I looked at the “Order Summary” page and settings and all looks right. I recall it working earlier, so this may be a new bug?