Page not showing content in preview and interaction shows 0 steps


Some weird issues are going on today it seems.

This page

I created a interaction on the “V” and it works but after some tweaking to make it do other things, I decided that it was developing the wrong way. So I clicked on ‘back’ a few times to get back to my original settings and since then, my top section will not show under preview mode, and my interaction shows ‘0 steps’ yet it still works.

Well, while I went to record the desktop, suddenly the content now shows in preview(figures) but my interaction still shows ‘empty steps’

Sorry for the low-res, but it gets the point across. (Err, this is supposed to be an animated gif…)

At this point, I’m not sure if I should do any other modifications to the element?

Well damn…while I went back to grab a screenshot instead of a screen recording, suddenly it’s showing all the correct steps now?!

The more I work with webflow, the more it seems tht the only real problems I run into is seemingly related to some backend caching delay.

So, do what you will with this post. Might be a good idea to note this type of thing and see if it’s common enough where people report a problem but suddenly it’s not there…

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