E-commerce - new "checkout" page with CMS


We are building an e-commerce store but are currently not taking payment or shipping info. Right now we want to run some ads and see if people will pre-order.

It seems that e-commerce doesn’t allow us to bypass taking payment.

I built a separate page for pre-orders: https://e-commerce-store-2b37ef.webflow.io/pre-order-checkout

I am wondering if it’s possible to populate the missing sections somehow? Currently I haven’t figured out a way to use CMS to do that, since some of those functions are only possible for the real checkout page.

Looking for help, ideas and any advice.


Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/e-commerce-store-2b37ef?utm_source=e-commerce-store-2b37ef&preview=ea0a0852abee71bfb9c6034f425c3e4a

why would you by-pass taking payments? That’s the point of a preorder in my mind. Do you mean, you want people opted in to a list? Not sure I’m following the logic here.


We would like to test which products and variants are preferred (and the general feedback), before we ramp up production. The preorder is non commital. What we’d like is for us and the customer to receive their order by product, variant including quantities.

okay, so you are sending people products without them paying? Couldn’t you then style a form to look like a checkout page? Sorry if I’m just not with you on what you’re trying to create here.

@sarahfrison Esssentially yes, but we are not sending the products right away. We will follow up once production gets started.

Yes that was my idea, and what I built. But I don’t know how to pull the cart products, subtotal, shipping rate, and total.

@philippf - You might want to just create a normal CMS collection to act as a catalog. Add an inquiry form to “request preorder info” for example. If you wanted to simulate a cart, you could do that with custom JS. I build catalog sites like that for clients.

Hi @philippf.
If you’re needing the cart functionality without actually charging the customer, Foxy can help. We’ve helped other Webflow users with similar needs. Manage your entire catalog in Webflow and at checkout, we’ll do all of the total calculations to give your customers an accurate estimate. They can then checkout with as little or as much info as you need to collect (with or without payment)

More info about our seamless integration with Webflow can be found here: https://www.foxy.io/webflow We’re more than happy to hop on a phone/Skype call, put together a proof of concept, etc. Just let us know.


Hi Josh,
Thanks for the feedback. I just downloaded the the foxy template and started to play around with it. Would be glad to jump on a call to discuss the proof of concept. What’s the best way to contact you?


@webdev Thanks for the feedback. I will keep you in mind in case external dev services are required.

Hi @philippf. I just DM’d you.


Hi Josh,
I’ve already subscribed to foxy.io and now I want to create a pre-order functionality, like philippf.
Can you help me?

Hi @jscprumus.
That’s great news! Please send us a quick email with details on what you’re after and your Webflow Read-only link. We’ll then be able to send you more detailed instructions. hello@foxycart.com