or Webflow Ecommerce - What's the difference?

Hello Everyone -

I’m doing tons of research and studying before I tackle our new Webflow ecom website, but my latest query is regarding I understand they offer ecommerce solutions, but now that Webflow offers an ecommerce solution, do I still need to research

I’m okay w/ Webflow’s ecom set-up… although I find the Collection URL “product” kinda of limiting. I would like “item” or some other custom text from my industry.

Can someone w/ knowledge of both products explain the differences - and perhaps why one service is better than the other? Pros and Cons? Why should I choose over Webflow’s ecom? Are there other / similar services like we should know about?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @FSUAlum98.
Josh from Foxy here. Thank you for posting. I’ll be brief so others can share their thoughts/feedback. In a nutshell, Foxy focuses solely on the cart and checkout experience, allowing you to sell any type of product, anywhere.

Pros and cons will vary depending on your needs. Since we just focus on ecommerce, you’ll find our features and integrations well beyond what Webflow Ecommerce currently offers. That said, Webflow Ecommerce provides some visual design features that just can’t be beat.

We’ve helped literally hundreds (if not thousands) of Webflow users. I invite you to sign up for our free unlimited trial and give our free white-glove on-boarding a try.



For a basic e-commerce site, Webflow will work great.

But if need advanced features, such as Zapier connection to Shipstation, custom fields, product management, etc Foxy is a better choice.