E-Commerce HELP Trade Gecko


I am trying to learn Zapier and Trade Gecko and I am overwhelmed. Does anyone know ho to use these and can explain it to me?


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@rileyrichter, you are the master of Zapier these days. Any help or guidance here?

Also, @Karolina, what specific help are you looking for? You do not describe your issue or what explanation you are needing?

Please be specific in your questions so we can better help/guide you!

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Hi Brandon,

I want to setup a system that will allow my brands to update their inventory in one dashboard. Is this something you can help me with? My e-com model is drop ship and they will be shipping the product after I receive the order through my website.


Anything is feasible, just depends. I dont know anything about the Trade Gecko system. Id have to get into it to figure it out. As for drop-shipping, Webflow does not have this natively. Using the Zapier tool to connect Trade Gecko that is plausible, just not sure of your overall process.

Have you started building anything out yet, or is this just in the planning/research stage?

What triggers does Trade Gecko even have? Do you know?

Also, the native Webflow e-com might not offer all the features you are looking for. What products will you be offering? Will you need to offer coupons and customer accounts? If you answered YES, to the last two, Webflow does not have these features yet. You many want to look at Foxy.io for a more integrated solution. It will work with Webflow CMS to integrate into Webflow and then you could use Zapier + TradeGecko for your Inv. Mgmt.

My website is almost complete.
I will figure it out, thanks.