Shopify Plus for Inventory


I am launching a store and I need to integrate inventory software to my backend.
What is the best route? Is Shopify Plus the best? How do I integrate this with my Webflow?

Thank you!

My business model is DROP SHIP

Can I add this program to my backend?

@Karolina there’s no way to connect shopfiy with webflow’s e-commerce features at the moment. There could be a way with the API but I don’t think that’s been done very successfully yet. Have you seen the guide on integrating shopify into webflow’s CMS?

No I will have a look. Any other inventory based software that can be integrated? My business model is Drop Ship.

I personally use E-Junkie at the moment. They integrate with a bunch of things through Zapier. It depends what drop-shipper you’re using and what their integrations are. I would look at that list and pick one from there. Look at how they allow you to integrate. If they allow you to use a buy-button with HTML, you can use them with webflow. you’d always have to log into the shopping cart and the fulfillment system to see what’s going on. No way to see that on the webflow end.
There are no native integrations for webflow e-commerce, just to make that clear. They only work through the webflow CMS, all similarly to the article from the webflow university.

OK, a bit confused. Thank you will google your references… lots to learn here :wink:

I feel like a need so many apps… I need to see my cart first and my orders … Which is best for that?

Hi @Karolina.
Foxy seamlessly integrates with Webflow and has multiple drop-ship/fuilfillment integrations. You can even manage your products entirely in Webflow. More info can be found here:

Feel free to message or email and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction:


@Karolina @foxy is a great option as well. If they’ll allow me to point out that it’s not the easiest to customize and set up :wink: .
When you say you need to see your cart first, what do you mean by that? I’m not quite sure.
There is a lot to learn, that’s true.

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The ability to sell digital products has to be an extremely high priority with as forward thinking as the Webflow team is. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can’t wait… :hugs:

It’ll be exciting to see future drop shipping integration with Webflow as well. :hugs:

Hi Karolina,

have you checked out Udesly Adapter yet? It’s a relatively new tool which allows you to convert a Webflow project into a Shopify theme, so you can use it in your dropshipping model.

I have been experimenting with it since a couple of days, and so far my impressions are good. The whole process is still a bit technical though and the user experience is not up to par yet, so let me know if you need any help.

Kind regards,

Hi Karolina,

If you happen to find a solution I would love to know as I have a similar client and build to do.

Many thanks in advance

Sure, Shipstation is one

Thank you for turning me on to ShipStation and man… I’ve been looking for a company like InventorySource for awhile. Awesome. I don’t need Aliexpress! :laughing: