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Add to cart - Can't add to collection item?


Not sure how this could be? This is a products collection. Each item needs an Add to Cart?

Hey @crjoe

From what I was told previously, “add-to-cart” inside of collection lists is coming. Before that will be product options/variants will be developed. The team knows this is important. Just remember that this is still private-beta and more features are coming.

So for now, we must link to the product page for clients to add items to the cart.


@matthewpmunger Thanks for the heads up!

Although, it seems like this release is incomplete. Difficult to build out a use case if I can’t loop over product items. Not sure why I would do it any other way.

Any idea for when they’ll release the version with full product collection items?

No. I don’t have any other information. They are aware of the need. We just have to remember that even though it is usable and publishable, it is still a beta with some features still to come.

Yeah, as @matthewpmunger said, we definitely understand the need for this capability, and want to add it in the near future.

Product options/variants – which is currently in active development right now – involves a lot of changes to our Add-To-Cart widget and how it interacts with the dynamic product content displayed on the page, though. (i.e. showing you the image, price, etc. for the variant currently selected). So we want to finish that work first, and then tackle the challenge of making that same functionality available within Product Collection Lists as well.

I would also recommend voting for this idea on the Wishlist, to continue to voice your desire for it:

(I voted for it too!)


Great! Just voted. Looking forward to it!

@kkilat So just to confirm. On the “products” template (plural). I am currently only allowed to add 1 product with an Add to Cart (singular) instead of a list of products (from a collection list)? Or in other words, if I wanted a list, I would need to manually add a bunch of products from a collection?


Yes, sorry, I know the wording can be a little confusing when it comes to these collections, lists, and template pages.

The Products Template page is essentially the same thing as the item template pages for normal CMS Collections – so it is the template page for an individual product for the details and ability to add that specific product to the cart.

You can create lists of products on any page (i.e. Home page, or if you create your own Products plural page, etc.), by using the Collection List item in the Add Paneland selecting the Products collection for that list.

I hope that helps!

Okay, right… this is true. Thanks.