Dynamically Embedding Google Sheets CELLS into a page without php

This is a simplified explanation of what I 'm trying to do. Usecase:

  • Easy custom password protected KPI dashboard page that pulls content from Google Sheets cells.


  1. I have password protected page and dashboard page made. These work as intended.
  2. This is NOT for CMS page, components, or fields. Custom CMS api/zap injection works for up to only ~20 values. My requirements require far more custom CMS fields that’s allowed.

I have a google sheet with 3 rows and the following Columns:

  • Column A: Time - Date (2019-07-25, 2019-07-24, 2019-07-23, …)
  • Column B: Metrics - Users (1953, 1522, 2066, …)
  • Column C: Dimensions - Most Popular Page (/page-1, /page-5, /page-2, …)

/admin/dashboard page

  • Static content= Headers, label headers, misc. text
  • Dynamic content= GRID CELL containing {{values}}

Grid A1: Contains text block with {{col_a-row_2}} which should say 2019-07-25 when the page is loaded.

Grid A2: {{col_b-row_2}} which should say 1953 when the page loads.

Grid A3: {{col_c-row_2}} which should say /page-1 when the page loads.