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Update Member Dashboards with Dynamic Embeds

I’d like to update member specific pages on my site via the CMS. The content for each user’s dashboard is in google sheets andI’m planning to pull the member’s content and their sheet URLs to the CMS via the Webflow API. I’m not quite sure how to structure the CMS so I can leverage the sheet URLs within the CMS to dynamically update embedded content on member specific pages to be accessible via login.

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You’ve posted within the freelancers & jobs category - is this something you’re looking to hire somebody for?


I can help you with your requirement.

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Yes, I would open to a freelancer implementing this functionality on my site.

If you’re open to using a go-between (Integromat or Zapier), it’s something I can help with as I have implemented similar functionality before. Feel free to drop me an email if you wanted to chat further?

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What you are wanting done is right up my alley of expertise and I would be happy in helping you out on this.
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