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Dynamic URL in custom field

Hello, I would like to know if it’s possible to create a dynamic URL for a custom field.

As you can see I have different categories for Software, such as Figma, Sketch.
I need to grab the specific URL for the same categories page.
Is there any way to make the URL dynamic? Since the website name is going to change once I launch.
Something like “/sketch” would be great.
I hope my question makes sense.


I’m a bit confused at the usage here, are you wanting to make an internal link that references a collection item? How are you planning on using the links in the project? Can you provide a bit more info and/or a read-only link?

Internal links don’t require the full website URL so all you’ll need is what comes after the TLD (ex: would just need a link to “/sketch”). That said, it sounds like you may want to look into using HTML Embed elements alongside the Dynamic Embed feature:

Thanks for your answer, it’s solved. I was using links instead of collections to call the dynamic content, a basic mistake.