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Dynamic modal window from gallery item

Hey guys & gals.
So Im new to webflow and havin a blast gettin to know its in and outs, but there’s something i really haven’t been able to find out examples of how to do.

So im about to buy a template (with a static gallery) to set up my online portfolio as a graphic designer & illustrator, and I want to have a lightbox-alike pop up that contains several items (image, title, description, link to external url), and arrows for next/previous project.
Ive been checking tutorials about lightbox and cms, but havent seen anything like what I want. Came across the modal window possibility, but read its unadvisable for a large amount of items since it’ll load everything on page load and preferably Id like the items to load when they’re called (also since Id like the possibility of video embedding) and seems like lightbox doesnt allow more than the 1 image.

Any suggestions for this? links, tutorials, anything?

Cheers and thanks!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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