Dynamic list dropdown select is locked

So I want to copy and paste my Collections. Which I can do BUT then the collection is LOCKED!

So that means I need to manually re-create my dynamic references in a brand new collection setup and apply my styles again to each element.

It doesn’t lock automatically though. As I just created a new dynamic collection and can still change it.

So when and why does this happen?! bug?

Hi! I am having the same problem as well.

It is a pain to replicate elements and change the dynamic wrapper definition.

Everytime I need a new type of list, I just need to do the whole thing again!

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So they deal is, you must UNLINK ALL collection relationships.

For me it’s a grand total of 7.

Then I am officially “unlocked” !

Then I go about re-linking collection data lists to about 15 of my collection lists.

Would be easier, just to allow us to unlock and assume relationships will be broken, IF the custom fields do not match up. give us a pop up message warning.

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That’s kind of weird. I am going to be associating with another Collection and it can just take me through a list of fields that need to be reassigned or deleted. This would still be better than unlinking, then copying and then again re-linking.

Thanks for sharing your solution! Understand now that we have only one way of copying Dynamic lists.

Guys, can you imagine for a minute, what it would be, if somebody just tried switch collections, which are totally different?
It was styled once already. What if 1st collection had few pictures in every item and another collection didn’t have them. How application have to calculate/guess what piece of data you want to see where?


ya it makes sense, but for me since my collections don’t have the additional custom fields being used at the moment, the option to make this change would speed things up. Otherwise the relationship then would be “unlinked” automatically vs. manually doing them all and re-linking those that still match in other collections.

as you can see the info is generic now but each vendor will have more detailed data per collection in the future.


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Probably in the future updates Webflow team will add some of this options (since they are very talented guys), but I think there should be much more complicated program code behind this, and it is not easy make it work smooth without bugging something else.

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This is frustrating behavior. I’d love to simply be able to copy and paste dynamic collections and simply change the filters. That makes intuitive sense to me.

I seem to have broken just one on my template and it was looking like I’d have to rebuild it from scratch (ugh).

Even so, I’m STILL having trouble disconnecting all the links so that the collection unlocks. I feel like I’m missing something. I have not been able to copy and paste one of these bad boys yet.

Another problem still is when I try to copy and paste in different templates I get this stupid error (presumably because I haven’t successfully unlocked the dang thing yet?) : “Dynamic elements cannot be moved outside of their context.”

I get it… let me choose another one, dangit!!

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Check your NAVIGATOR for your dynamic list. hit “F” shortcut key.

Likely you’ve just missed a linked element.


Jawtab – I went thru the Navigator and unlinked everything, or at least anything that has a checkbox. Would there be some weird one I’m missing?

Is it right though that if I’m able to do that, I’d then be able to copy and paste the collection?

copy and pasting a data list into different template shouldn’t be an issue if it’s locked to a collection.

Well that’s weird. I have no idea why I’m getting that error, then. It just keeps giving me that “Dynamic elements cannot be moved outside of their context” message.

@Toupee, could you share read-only link with us?

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@sabanna - how do I do that? I can give you the public link to the full site, http://hell-toupee.webflow.io – not sure exactly which page to link you as read-only since I can’t paste the element across pages. Let me know what would be helpful to see.

Here is guidance how to share link to your project How to Enable a Webflow Share Link

It will be Read-Only link.We will be able to come inside your webflow project, try to see the reason and change some options for find solution. But all changes will be not saved, so nothing will happen to your design.

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Great, thanks! Here it is: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/hell-toupee?preview=6863dcd51c7d91d445353fc077dab4ac

I am sorry, could you give me some example, what do you want to copy and where, so I could reproduce the error message. Because I tried to copy/paste different collections and had no problems.

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I’ll be damned, it’s working for me now. I had been trying unsuccesfully to copy the front page “recent posts” list to the author template page, which somehow got deleted. It seems to be working perfectly now!!.. sorry to waste your time… I really appreciate you looking into it.

If I end up recreating this error again, I’ll specifically let you know what I was doing.

Well, I am glad everything is working now. :smiley: And sure, do not hesitate to ask if you will experience that error again.


I’m still not understanding where and when binding/linking is supposed to happen. The video tutorial on using dynamic lists seems to clearly indicate that when the Dynamic List element is clicked, that “its smart enough” to give an option of what to bind to. But while I managed to accomplish this on my 1st attempt, I don’t see the option for any subsequent attempts dropping in a dynamic list element.

Further, I still don’t understand what makes the Dynamic list collection selection lock vs. unlocked. In the OP, it mentions that subsequent Dynamic lists get created without being locked. But I don’t think I understood why “unlinking” is necessary on the Dynamic list that was first created.