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Collection is Locked

I see so many posts on here about collection lists being locked and people not knowing what to do. Then someone responds about having to unbid everything.
It shouldn’t be this difficult. If there are this many people commenting about it, then obviously something needs to change.

I have an issue that even though I unbind everything, I cannot unlock the Collection.
Also when I copy some unlocked elements from one collection and paste them into another, the Collection automatically locks.
Can you not have Collections on multiple pages of a site that link to the same Collection and then apply a filter to display only the items you want?
It is going to be really frustrating if I have to rebuild the structure inside of every collection list that links to the same collection.

Hi Tim, welcome back to the forum :webflow_heart:

I disagree with you about how hard it is to unbind collection items from the fields, and I think that locking the collection is not only a good thing, but a must. Without this lock, I bet there would be ten times more posts about “what happened to my collection?” or “why did all my binding disappear?”

If you’ll post a read-only link to your project, Id love to help find what’s the rogue bind :wink:

Thanks for your reply. I have already rebuilt what I needed to rebuild, but I would stand by my point. If this many people are having an issue with something, then it may be that the UI needs to be rethought. There are always alternative ways of doing things.

I’m not sure why simply changing a filter setting requires you to unlink every element in a collection, when it could just be as simple as selecting a different option from the filter dropdown.

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Changing filter isn’t involved with unbinding the collection fields. This sounds like a bug or a specific problem that should be solved. Can you provide a read only link to the project?