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How do I disconnect/change collection from dynamic list you have to disconnect all elements inside the dynamic item first. Then this option will be unlocked


I want to dupblicate a collection. And I saw this tread in forum:How can I copy and paste a dynamic list and then change the collection?
But how do I disconnect/change collection from dynamic list you have to disconnect all elements inside the dynamic item first. Then this option will be unlocked.
Thank you for your help!

Hi @neanea6060,

Yes to change a CMS collection within the same project you need to disconnect the connected pieces before moving to a different collection.

As for moving from project to project, you have to disconnect entirely from Project A connected fields before copying the layout to Project B and then reconnect the cms fields.

Thank you Brandon!
But I can’t disconnect it? It is closed? It can’t be open it, so I can disconnect it (see printscreen). - How do I open it?Screenshot%20at%20Sep%2013%2022-03-17


Hi @neanea6060.
Did you go through all the elements that are within that collection? I had a case where I had some element that I didn’t release and was keeping it locked…

Yes, Everything is locked??
So how do I unlock it?

Could somebody answer me ?? thanks a lot !

I believe you need to go through to every child element that references the contents of 25 myindir. This can be done easily by visiting the Navigator, expanding all the child elements, and looking for anything purple. Once all the elements have been unlinked, you will see the lock release.

Will you please send a preview link?

I cant’ find out to do it?
here is a printscreen of all the child elements:

you need to give us the link to your project by sharing it. Do the following:
Click on this:

Then click this on:

then click on this:

Now paste that link in your next reply and we can check out your site and see what’s the problem

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Sorry, I thought I had paste the share link.
Her it is: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/lofti-63a58ad0294712dc740e08bf33cc9efa?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=lofti-63a58ad0294712dc740e08bf33cc9efa&preview=3ab4018644c5d387e81906a9ee594fd9&pageId=5cdc7f4fd8a73b944b27e708&itemId=5d76128c7288d532293f4bc0&mode=preview

As you’ve noted, 25 myindir is locked:

To unlock this CMS reference, you need unlink any child elements from referencing the CMS (anything nested below the Collection List). See here:


The purple icons indicate each of these elements are still referencing the CMS. So, to unlink them, click on the bottom-most purple element, which is Div Block 210 in this case, then go to element settings on the right side of the screen.


Simply uncheck anything that references 25 myindir. See here…



Now, click on 25 myindir again…


And you will see the option is now unlocked:



Thanks a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes:

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