CMS COllection List Settings Locked

Hey guys, so I’m trying to edit a CMS list on my site, but it won’t allow me to change which collection, it has a lock next to it?


Thanks for the help.

Hi @carbonracingsolution

You need to unbind everything from your dynamic fields in order to be able to change the linked collection list.

how do you unbind them @donaldsv?

Use the reverse of binding. Select each element that is bound to a field in the collection and remove the binding, making the element just a standard element. When all your bindings are removed, the collection will be unlocked.

If you can’t locate all bindings, head over to the collection settings page. You can see them and remove them there as well.


thank you so much @webdev Jeff! Exactly what I needed, really appreciate your help! =)

The problem solved by paste the content to figma text box and copy back to webflow. All the formats will keep.

I’m learning. Can someone explain the point for locking that?

In my instance, I’m building a collection page that’s a hotel, and I have a grid that will contain the description and image collection for each room. I cut and paste that grid after it’s connecting to the “room 1” fields, thinking I can simply re-bind it to the “room 2” description and “room 2 image collection.”

No problem with the description, but the image collection is locked. That I don’t understand. So, if I cut and paste the grid parent element, I’m forced to disconnect the image, then the encapsulating list wrapper is unlocked, THEN select my room 2 image collection, the I go back to the image and connect it the same image collection. I don’t get it. Any logic behind this?